Here is what people have said about Jarvis Community Christian School!

HDCH is pleased to enrol students from Jarvis Community Christian School. Not only are they very well prepared for the rigors of high school academics, they also excel in a variety of extra curricular activities. Above all this, students from JCCS come to us grounded in a faith walk that reflects a solid foundation of Christian teaching.

George Van Kampen
Principal Hamilton District Christian High School

I never knew what a Christian education would mean to me until I became older. At the time, JCCS seemed to be a regular school. Yet as I look back it has become so much more. The relationships I formed with both the teachers and the students have helped shape the relationships that I have now. Apart from being taught the normal curriculum, I was taught about trust, faith, love, compassion, and kindness. The teachers I had were very personable, caring, and generally looked out for each student's well-being. The education taught with a Christian perspective helped prepare me for the decisions and choices I would make later on. The experiences that I had at JCCS helped form the Christian foundation in my life that I have come to value and protect years later.

Gabrielle Anema 
Graduate of 2000

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at JCCS for just over seventeen years. Over this time I’ve had the joy of meeting and developing a relationship with many students who have been blessed with a wide variety of God-given gifts and talents. It is an amazing task and awesome responsibility to help each of these covenant children unwrap their gifts, and to lead them to develop their talents to serve our awesome God. Each year also brings its own unique challenges, but our loving Father sees us through them all and helps each one of us to grow in our knowledge of and love for Him. One of the highlights of my time here is the freedom and the expectation to talk each day of the greatness of our God and to engage the students in the unfolding of His creation to its fullest potential in our fallen world. I also count it a blessing to work with other Christian teachers who encourage one another in our task as educators in God’s kingdom, and who also uphold each other before the heavenly throne. I’ve also had the privilege of getting to know many members of our supporting school community. Time and again it amazes me to see the love, time and dedication that many parents and others display to help make our school what it is today. All praise and glory to our great God who supplies our every need!

Nancy Booy 
Vice Principal/Grade 4/5/Computer Coordinator

During my time at Jarvis Community Christian School, I was blessed with many friendly and encouraging teachers. The atmosphere at JCCS helped me succeed academically and prepared me for further education at Hamilton District Christian High and Calvin College. Many wonderful friendships were formed at JCCS, which I continue to enjoy. My grade school experience brings many lasting memories that will be shared for years to come.

Ashley Stam
Graduate 1997

As I look back at the time I spent at JCCS I am thankful for the values and principles that were taught to me. I treasure the relationships I made back then and still have today. I remember the way the curriculum was taught to show that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour, and it is for all of these reasons that I am thankful I went to JCCS. Thank-you JCCS.

Chuck Gibbons
Graduate 1995