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Looking for the latest coverage on JCCS? There are a lot of exciting events that take place at Jarvis Community Christian School. With the launch of our new website, these stories are archived here so that you can read them again and again.

JDCS Students Take Part in Jarvis Songfest

Apr 14, 2010

"The Regional News" --Wednesday, April 14,2010 -- "JCCS Students Take Part in Jarvis Songfest for Haiti"

JDCS Historica

Mar 05, 2010

"The Grand River Sachem"--Friday, March 5, 2010  "Jarvis Students Take Part in Annual History Fair"

JDCS Historica

Mar 03, 2010

"The Haldimand Press--Wednesday, March 3, 2010  "History Depicted by JCCS Students"