JCCS Admission Policy (Summary)

1. The purpose of JCCS is to provide for children of Christian families, an education which is based on the Scriptures.

2. Information packages at the school are available by calling the office.

3. Normally, parents/guardians wishing to enrol their child(ren) first meet with the Development Director and the Principal to discuss their enrolment request and related.

4. The Development Director is the first point of contact with parents interested in enroling their child(ren), (s)he will also arrange for prospective parents to meet with the principal. The principal has the authority to enrol children and to determine grade placement of prospective students.

5. a) Parents/guardians who fully support in writing the JCCS Constitution and By- laws and the school's Mission Statement may enrol their child(ren) and are eligible for membership at JCCS, including membership privileges.

   b) Parents who cannot fully support the JCCS Constitution and By-laws, but who
support the vision and mission of the school are eligible to enrol their child(ren),
but are not eligible for membership in the school society.

6. Normally when children are transferred into JCCS from another Christian school
affiliated with the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools or Christian Schools
International, enrolment procedures are conducted by the principal and no Board
interview will take place.

Note: For the school's formal Admission Policy, please contact the school office.